Organic Hot Honey TRUNOLA® Granola

A Sweet Beginning with a Hot Finish!


No Added Sugar Berry Coconut TRUNOLA Granola

A refreshing blend of berries and coconut that is gluten free


Organic “Everything” TRUNOLA® Granola

Your favorite “Everything” spice blend delivering savory, bold flavors with a crunch!


Blueberry Hemp Protein

Made with the highest quality, nutrient-dense organic ingredients, Organic Blueberry Hemp Protein Granola provides a great start to your day with hearty whole grain oats, light blueberry flavor and a boost of protein! No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no high fructose corn syrup!


Goldenberry Turmeric

Our “Golden Jewel”! Enjoy this beautiful combination, blending the tart and sweet tropical flavor of plant based superfood goldenberries and the many health benefits of turmeric! Here’s a granola for any occasion…on yogurt, for breakfast or as a great snack…anytime! Just for YOU!

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Grain-Free Cacao Nib Apricot

What are cacao nibs? Used in the chocolate industry for centuries, cacao beans are fermented, dried and crushed into bits. Nutritious raw cacao nibs add intense chocolate flavor, while the almonds, seeds and apricots add a nutty roasted flavor and great texture for a healthy snack, bursting with flavor!

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Vanilla Almond

Breakfast got you down? Here’s a granola that will satisfy and keep you going. Vanilla Almond is one of the most popular flavors due to its compatibility with anything! Try it on ice cream, yogurt, or an on-the-go snack! Filled with healthful, organic ingredients, our granola delivers a satisfying crunch bursting with flavor you’re going to love.


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